You can't change what you don't acknowledge, the first step toward change is awareness
You can't change what you don't acknowledge, the first step toward change is awareness

Areas of Work

I mainly work within four areas which are outlined below.  Although I specialise in these areas I'm not limited to them as many other aspects can surface during the counselling process.

Relationship Issues

Many of us struggle with our relationships in one form or another.

Family members, romantic relationships and the way we interact with colleagues all play a part in how we see ourselves

Depression & Anxiety

Depression is much more than just feeling down, when you really look at what is causing your depression, you're able to move through it and find a light at the end of the tunnel.

Anxiety can be debilitating and have a really negative effect on your life if left untreated


When we talk about addiciton we can sometimes immediately think of drugs and alcohol.  However, addiciton presents itself in many other ways.  At a basic level, it's getting an emotional pay-off by using something which is potentially harmful


Losing someone is one of the most stressful and painful experiences we can endure as human beings.  Talking through these losses in your life can create new positive perspectives


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